Creatively Transforming Food

My Story

dscn8787As we are camping during the summer off the Tangier Sound, dragonflies are in abundance. Flitting about amongst the tall grass nestled by the water’s edge as if they are searching for a valuable treasure in the whiffs of the salty air escorted in by the waves lapping at the shores. I breathe in slowly and imagine that I am with my father in chest-deep water in the Isle of Wight Bay feeling around the bottom of the mucky waters for clams with my toes. Diving beneath the water, I hoist a clam up to show him my found treasure. I smile. Memories of summers on the Maryland shores always bring delight. When I see the wild ponies of Assateague, whether they are climbing the dunes, strolling by the shore or foraging through someone’s beach bag for food, it’s a peace I feel flowing through my veins that I am home. Then, there is my kitchen. Like a dragonfly’s metamorphosis from water to land, my transformation begins.